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A 21stCentury Guide to the Woodland Art Movement
R.R. Sinclair © 1999/2006

When you invest in Woodland Gold you become a member of a lucrative art community. The pieces you own may be yours but they are also the shared property of the Woodland community, a common ground that includes the Woodland Artists and their representatives, along with other collectors like yourself. Creating, communicating, and collecting Woodland Gold is not only a shared opportunity; it is a shared responsibility.

The group empowers the individual and the individual in turn benefits the group. As an integral component of such a community, you will be rewarded in being a part of the intensity of an inspired social movement. You will experience the impact of individual initiatives as they catalyse growth throughout the community. You will share in a sense of belonging that is as much spiritual as it is material. Like the Bible, the Golden Rule of the Woodland Art collector community is:

"Do unto others,
as you would have them do unto you."

The person you are buying from today may very well be the person you are selling to tomorrow. Our business with one another should be transparent. We have nothing to hide, and everything to gain, by sharing our discoveries. We are not necessarily art dealers, nor are we financial investors. We may not be art lovers or fundamentally collectors, yet we have enough vision to recognize value and opportunity when it presents itself as a logical investment. 21st Century collectors are people who are willing and able to utilize co-operative techniques and technologies to connect with one another to make it happen.

The potential for organized associations such as the Woodland Art community to develop exponentially, simply by utilizing the growing resources of the internet, increases more each day. The days of the cut-and-paste consultant are ending. A knowledge base, that is easily and freely accessible to all who are interested, has now becoming a reality. The days of true authority are only now beginning. Central to the proper utilization of data is the proper organization of available information. Whether it be in the investigation of a new purchase, or in keeping abreast of Woodland community events, the process is invaluable. The financial fund corporations are experts at this process of organizing all available information [about stocks] to minimize risk.

The social fabric of such a community demands, supports and facilitates integrity. Trust is paramount. In 20th Century business and politics, a core maxim told us to trust no one. 21st Century society, however, will foundation itself on trust and transparency. Healthy business, religion, government and citizenship are only possible in a climate of transparent openness.

If the aforementioned sounds too idealistic for the business sector, then consider the 20th Century example of McDonalds. The early success of their corporation has been credited to their unheard of initiative to open up their kitchens to the public, thereby giving their customers a clear view of a clean environment. There they could see their food cooked, and watch their hi-tech milkshake machines do their thing. In the decades since, the two hallmarks of the McDonalds corporation have consistently been outstanding organization, and community involvement. It is neither their money, nor their food that have helped this corporation to be the first, time and again, to open franchises in places with almost inaccessible borders.

It is a spirit of openness that resonates globally and the harmless initiative to serve that engenders trust. It is possible. The aboriginal tribes of long ago were fashioned after this principle. Members of a tribe were the recipients of the goods and services of their community. Each member specialized in order to fulfill community needs. The areas of expertise each developed were in line with their individual predispositions. The coming of age, Vision Quest, is just one example of many community traditions and rituals that support the discovery and development of individuality in First Nations culture. Consider also the fact that Native names themselves are far more personal and meaningful than the Anglo-Saxon once removed versions.

The level of trust necessary when specialization occurs in a small community is profound. If one member of a tribal body chose to forego their role than the whole tribe would suffer. The traditional arts of being, birthing, rearing, sewing, harvesting, trapping, skinning, cooking, riding, tracking, ceremony, healing, hunting, governing, scouting, trading, storytelling, and dying were sacred. They understood, without question, the strength and the value of community. Is it possible today? Why not? What does it take? As Morrisseau often says,

"It is a matter of attitude,
and attention!"

Ask yourself, "What is my attitude?"; and "What is the attitude of the community that I am a part of, or considering being a part of? What would I like to contribute? Where shall I focus my attention that would most benefit the movement as a whole?"

When the majority in a community involve themselves with such an attitude, results are inevitable. Open up to the possibility that the safest business practices are inclusive in nature. The primary purpose and immediate task of the Woodland Art community is to expand on the activity of the artists themselves. Community members take part in the creative act of spreading the abundance of this beautiful source of inspiration world-wide, and in so doing, of lifting the value of each individual investment. Here, the Golden Rule makes sense while it makes cents. Don't be afraid to use it.

The creative magic of being a part of the historic millennium moment galvanized not only communities, but whole nations into action. The year-long, new millennium's eve lends increased credibility to the potency of the arts and it's dynamic effectiveness as a primary agent of global inclusiveness. This celebration of global community that we shared was unique in human history. Society is beginning to really communicate. Little by little we are creating community out of small communions of understanding.

However, since the turn of the Millennium and the dotcom demise, political and geological threats to the global village continue to create financial insecurity and instability. This may well continue for the foreseeable future. Together we are experiencing an apocalyptic vibration with the resultant transformation of humanity due. With technology as our tool, we are fast becoming a family.

In many ways the Golden Age of Greece is a historic parallel to that place that we seek beyond the new millennium threshold. The Greek arts, exploration, and organization created a true civilization whose achievements continue to impact the way we live today. The arts can be a language that includes, exposes, loves, enlightens and incites. The downfall of Greece came by way of exclusivity. Greece may have been transformed, yet the world around remained in chaotic struggle so the Empire fell. The Roman era afterward, which drew so much from the Golden Age of Greece, is a testament to the fact that truth in art survives and flourishes through others. Mimicry however, though commendable, is devoid of the inspirational power of truth, being but a mere reflection. Artistic results speak for themselves.

We are passing out of Humanity's Dyonesian phase and moving into a new Golden Age of Humanity. one where discovery is commonplace, because communication facilitates it. A society where inclusiveness is the only logical choice and the inevitable result of an ever-growing, common ground of human understanding.

The first beat of the heart of our new global village synchronized with the last heartbeats of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Within 24 hours it is estimated that ninety-two percent of the world's people knew of their passing. The East, stunned by Mother Teresa's death, and the West shocked by Diana's tragic end, came together as one for a week-long period of heartfelt remembrance. Collectively, we took a deep breath and then we moved on with our lives in the shared knowledge that we had lost two of humanity's great ambassadors of love. The void left still remains for us to fill. When we finally cross the threshold into a new era of loving kindness, it will be due in no small part to that moment when humanity collectively experienced the impact of their passing on. We also showed how much we value a sense of personal responsibility for others. A sense that the two women exemplified during their lives. In dying, they have challenged us.

The Golden Age is upon us. Inclusivity, enrichment, self-discovery, response-ability, and a global moment to draw a line in the sand. Art that enhances life will be cherished for its inspirational power. Centre stage in the new global village will be Nativism and the naturalist philosophies. The aboriginal spirit of community, which provides a common ground for people and nations to better communicate, will be in high demand.

As it was in the Golden age of Greece, the arts that express profound truths will inspire investigation and understanding in other fields. The sacred arts teach by their very nature. They can sanctify truth because they can communicate truth. The new millennium is a new beginning for the people of the world. When we passed through the gates of the year 2000 we de-rooted the 20th Century way of life. In separating the wheat from the chaff, humanity is being orientated toward true civilization. When this orientation is achieved, then will the real celebration begin!

We are now beyond the threshold of the new millennium. The hallmark of the citizens of the new world will be their humanitarian character and initiative. Society will reward humanitarian and altruistic endeavours like never before. This will be true for the individual as well as for the newly-styled, transparent, corporate entities. Massive lobby groups with access to information and media will make openness the only practical recourse for business and poltitics. When word gets out, for good or ill, it will really get out.

In the years ahead there will be power struggles between governments and corporations. Sharks will feast on other sharks. It will have little to do with us if we have a measure of self-reliance and bonds that are globally transferable (i.e. Woodland Gold). The volatility of the marketplace makes it really the last place one should consider investing. Many are looking to safeguard their existing mutual funds by taking the exorbitant penalties and transferring them into guaranteed plans. Still, who really knows what corporate entities will survive the transformation? Will your bank be here tomorrow? Do you know how much they have hedging on stocks? Then ask yourself, will art still be around?

Your Golden Years are yours to do with as you will. Aligned with the power of inspiration your will can be a force for humanity. In the years to come you can utilize your freedom, your expertise and your power to embrace your humanitarian initiative. You can plant seeds and tend to them so that they may live on after you, sharing your passion and strength with the children of your children.

In such acts of eternal moment lives find the peace of fulfillment. To do this will require the two pillars of freedom and security. Woodland Gold is a firm foundation and a logical place to make your stand. To have arrived at this place shows that you have been blessed with a measure of vision. Vision is the inspired insight of compassion. The ability to feel through the heart of another being, and in the commonality of that experience, to realize the greatness of the Spirit that bonds all materialization into family.

With wisdom, you too can serve as source of inspiration. The art is not in the painting. That is merely a medium. The true art is a passionate dance between each one of us as we share in discovering the commonality of our source and destination. To lead is no better than to support. It is not the act of discovery that is the enticement, rather it is the community created through the process of discovery. The power to inspire is gifted to us all. Sources of inspiration engender new sources of inspiration which, like streams, flow into rivers and, like rivers, turn into seas. The ocean of your dreams is inclusive but it starts with you. Your first step is connecting to a real source of inspiration. The second is sharing you. As Morrisseau often says,

"We are all Shamans!
We have only to realize that, to be free".

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